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When healing waters run deep. . .
In life we sometimes experience our deepest awakenings,
In the throws and undertows of life's currents.
In our deepest awakenings, we do what is needed for good health.
we have experienced healing waters running deep in our lives 
We are here to support your health and well being
and would like to assist you.

Edgar Cayce Quotes

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Edgar Cayce Reading 938-1 ~ posted March 9th, 2013
For Life and its expressions are one.
Each soul or entity will and does return,
or cycle,
 as does nature in its manifestations about man
thus leaving, making or presenting--
as it were--those infallible,
indelible truths that it--Life--is continuous.
And though there may be a few short years in this or that experience,
they are one; the soul,
the inner self being purified,
being lifted up,
that it may be one with that first cause,
that first purpose for its coming into existence.
Edgar Cayce Reading 5749-6 ~ posted February 8th, 2012
In seeking ye shall find.
In the experience of each soul that has named the name of the Christ,
this [Easter] should be a season of rededication
of self as being a true messenger of His in and among men.
Edgar Cayce Reading 5089-3 ~ posted November 17th, 2011
Know in self, first this:
Thou art body, mind and soul,
a three-dimensional individual in a three-dimensional consciousness.

Hence ye find the Godhead,
to a consciousness of an individual in the earth plane,
is three dimensions:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Each are individual, and yet they are one.
So with the body-consciousness:
the body, the mind and the soul.

Each have their attributes,
each have their limitations,
save the soul.
Nothing may separate the soul from its source save the will of self.
Edgar Cayce Reading 1579-1 ~ posted November 4th, 2011
There is the physical body,
There is the mental body,
There is the spiritual body.
They are one.
They each have their attributes.
They each have their weaknesses.
They each have their associations.
Yet they must be all coordinated.
Edgar Cayce Reading 262-52 ~ posted October 28, 2011
Hence, in the fruits of that--as is given oft,
as the fruits of the spirit---
does man become aware of the infinite penetrating,
or inter-penetrating the activities of all forces of matter,
or that which is a manifestation of the realm of the infinite
into the finite--
and the finite becomes conscious of same.
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