Cerebral Palsy

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a group of chronic disorders that affect a person’s

  • motor skills
  • muscle tone
  • muscle movement

It is caused by damage to one or more specific areas of the brain. An estimated 764,000 children and adults nationwide exhibit one or more of the symptoms of cerebral palsy (CP).

  • Cerebral refers to the brain
  • Palsy to muscle weakness or poor control

Brain muscle coordination

Most people are able to move their muscles in a smooth and coordinated way, with their brain controlling the complex interactions between muscle and nerves.
The cerebral palsy brain has problems controlling these interactions.

Depending upon the area of the brain which is damaged, conditons may express themselves in one or more of these areas:

  • inability to relax muscles
  • tightness & difficulty in movement
  • tremors or shaky movements
  • loss of depth perception
  • vision impairment
  • hearing impairment
Question: Would Detoxified Iodine help a teenager with Cerebral Palsy?

Although the articles on the web are numerous,we thought it might be helpful for us to compile some of these down from the more credible sources, such as the National Library of Medicine, and National Institutes of Health.
Here below are some highlights from this compreshensive article:
Iodine: Medline Supplements - National Library of Medicine
Filtered down are items which are related to conditions of Cerebral Palsy:

Iodine is required for Cognitive Function

Iodine is required for the production of thyroid hormones,
which are necessary for normal brain development and cognition.
One study showed that oral iodine supplements
significantly improved performance on cognitive tests in 10-12 year-old school children.

Hearing Loss (Iodine Deficiency)

Auditory disturbances may be present in iodine deficient children, and continuous iodine supplementation may improve the auditory thresholds.

Ocular surgery infection prevention / cataract surgery antisepsis

Natural Alternative Path is your source for detoxified iodine. Unlike commercially available products, which use iodine bonded with chlorine, we use only naturally occurring iodine derived from organic Asian seaweed, as was specified in the Edgar Cayce readings.

This pure crystalline iodine is then reduced to a 1% concentration in 100% ethyl alcohol and electro-magnetically transmuted (while being suspended in a wet bath containing a mild acid solution) into the Atomic state. This is the form which Edgar Cayce suggested the body could recognize and fully assimilate, and indeed was his primary contribution to the concept. From there it is bottled in amber glass dropper bottles.

Detoxified Liquid Iodine drops for Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media: (ear infections)

Detoxified liquid iodine ear drops, three drops taken three times daily for 10 days have been used, although other approaches such as antibiotics should be considered and discussed with a supervising healthcare professional.

Detoxified Liquid Iodine drops for Cataract surgery antisepsis:

1% povidone-iodine solution used preoperatively. Eye drops containing 0.8% povidone-iodine solution have been used three times every five minutes prior to surgery.

Detoxified Iodine as an antimicrobial Gargling solution

Gargling with detoxified liquid iodine in a cup of water reduces the transport of bacteria into the trachea.


Detoxified Liquid Iodine is useful for some related conditions of Cerebral Palsy.